Bloo Liquid toilet cleaner

Bloo Liquid toilet cleaner went through a “Make Up”. The upgraded pack sits well in your hand. It is full, smooth, curvy and easy to hold. Experience it and you will not want to let it go!. The fragrances encompassed adding hints of vanilla, roses and fresh jasmine to guarantee extra freshness and a pleasantly fragranced loo. New and fresh Bloo is extra thick hence foams easily making the cleaning experience easy and enjoyable. Last but not least the unique child proof safety turns and twist cap will guarantee safety for your loved ones from home accidental poisoning. To use the cap Press on the pads, turn anticlockwise, do not remove the cap off completely and turn it back to close…..just like the volume of the radio.


During the launch of Bloo Liquid toilet cleaner Mr. Igathe said “We are investing in research to offer a wider range of cleaning products for the East African region. Companies that innovate good quality products and services will see growth of revenue. The mantle of our innovation is our consumer. At Haco Tiger Brands, strive to meet our consumers’ needs first riding on our motto –Adding value to life”


In addition the Chairman of Haco Tiger Brand Mr. Chris Kirubi added that “ Superior quality is our blanket. As we innovate we ensure the product meets and surpasses global standards. The new Bloo Disinfectant toilet cleaner will be available in all supermarkets and outlets countrywide and also in the East African Countries – Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia and South Sudan”


To wind up, The Ministry of Health and HACO Tiger brands Bloo Toilet cleaner will partner to support proper hygiene and sanitation by educating our consumers on clean and sanitation.